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Aardvark Group and Amber Tiger enter strategic partnership.

We take immense pleasure in announcing that “The Aardvark Group” has entered a strategic partnership with “Amber Tiger” to develop and deliver training solutions for Aardvark’s portfolio of unmanned systems for land, sea, and air operations.   In a joint statement, Aardvark’s CEO, David St John-Claire and Amber Tiger’s CEO, Andy Furness said, “Our businesses …

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New Strategic Partner EVOLVE

The Aardvark Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Evolve Dynamics Ltd to develop solutions to include advanced tethered and untethered UAV technology in support of our future global Explosive Ordnance Disposal, security and surveying projects. https://www.linkedin.com/company/evolve-dynamics-uav/

Aaradvark UAV VTOL

Introducing UAV-VTOL

Introducing the AARDVARK UAV-VTOL a versatile platform that is packed with advanced features: 10 hours+ endurance 10 kg+ payload * 3,000m service ceiling * 500km+ operational range * Superior surveying sensors * surveillance capability of 100km+ Wide range of payloads, including: high-def video cameras & light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors streamed in real time …

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Aaradvark Group

Aardvark Clear Mine Ltd. Established 1982.

Follow our evolution as we bring you the next generation of fully-autonomous vehicles designed for mine detection, clearance, route clearing and logistic supply and support.  Discover the Aardvark UAV collection for solutions in Government, Humanitarian, Conservation and commercial sectors.  We have partnered with some of the brightest minds and forward thinking companies around the globe …

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