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Ground Vehicle

Aardvark RANG-R

(Remote Autonomous Next Generation – Rover)

A class leading – Multi-role autonomous unmanned ground vehicle, The RANG-R draws upon Aardvark’s key design principles of operator safety and vehicle survivability. These principles, matched with autonomous and robotic stand-off technology, have enabled RANG-R to deliver market leading multi-role versatility and performance in the most hostile environments. The RANG-R places unrivalled multi-role capability at the centre of forward operations, protecting supply lines and sustaining momentum whilst removing the operator from the threat.
  • Can be deployed in logistics support, C-EO/C-IED, humanitarian, conservation, fire and rescue missions.
  • Payload capacity of 3,850Kg (2 x NATO pallets)
  • Maximum speed of 70 kph.
  • Range of 100 km and 72 hr run time without resupply.

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