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Aardvark Public Order

The Public Order Vehicle retains the benefit of minimal dimensions and huge payload whilst providing a highly capable dynamic and powerful tool to commanders.

  • Developed specifically to protect the occupants from the urban environment threat of riot and civil disorder, integrated ROPS, FROPS petrol bomb, paint, and impact RIOT protection systems.
  • Configurable as an APC, (TCV), C2, Border Patrol, RIV, SWAT with optional cupola, Masts, 360 vision systems, MARS/VBIS fast lines and assault ladder systems.
  • Loading capacity of 3,500 kg – 2,000 kg dependant on protection level and mission fit, (soft skin through to fully armoured variant for forward and border patrol operation).
  • Fully enclosed 5-door body with climate control and integrated air systems for high heat, high humidity, and cold service operation to ensure this platform can be used in climatic conditions A1-C1.
  • Extensive equipment racking and load restraints for RIOT protection equipment, on-road under vehicle protection panels (to limit objects from being thrown under vehicles).
  • Modular STANAG 4569 L1 – L2 KE CAB protection packages for ballistic, side blast and IED, in addition to chassis integrated STANAG 4569 1a/b Mine protection system. Optional protection to VSAG VS15, VPAM BRV 2009 VR7, ERV 2010, BSI 300 & 301.

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