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Alongside provision of its innovative solutions, Aardvark has a full consultancy and training capability allowing the comprehensive delivery of training packages either in the UK or in the country of deployment up to certified train the trainer level, tailored to meet your requirements.

Please enquire for further information regarding any of the following consultancy and training solutions:

  • Audit and risk assessment in all contaminated countries with explosive remnants of war
  • Commercial mine clearance – operator
  • Commercial mine clearance – mechanical engineer
  • Land, Air and Sea, Unmanned systems training
  • Drone pilot training
  • Counter-Drone operations
  • Hostile Environments Awareness and Resilience training
  • Remote environments First Aid training
  • Overseas Security Awareness training
  • Remote Areas Travel Safety
  • EOD Training (EOD1 / EOD2 / EOD3)
  • Technical and managerial training in humanitarian mine action
  • Full package of Counter-IED Training
  • CBRNe Training
  • Quality Management of de-mining programs Training
  • Full package of PSSM (Physical Security & Stockpile Management) training levels
  • Full package of WAM (Weapons & Ammunition Management) training levels
  • Underwater Explosive Ordnance Training (Diving, EOR (Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance), searching, de-mining, etc.)
  • Training on land or maritime equipment: use and maintenance
  • Training for use of maritime autonomous vehicles
  • Training in the knowledge and operational use of the international standards in force (IMAS, IATGs, ISACS, NATO)


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