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Activities which lead to the removal of the threat from landmines and explosive remnants of war extend further than clearance alone. From survey, risk assessment, mapping, marking, clearance, post-clearance documentation, to the handover of cleared or otherwise released land.

Aardvark benefits from its network of high quality experts with recognised skills in all fields linked to the eradication of the explosive remnants of war, (mine action and other war explosive materials, physical security and weapon and conventional munitions stockpile management, fight against IEDs). The international dimension of this expertise gives Aardvark the capacity to intervene wherever the interest of its clients lies.

Aardvark can provide teams of specialist personnel or offer comprehensive training courses for operating and maintenance of Aardvark Mine Clearance Systems on site. All methods are in line with IMAS | UMMAS standards and an approved SOP.
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