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Aardvark Group and Amber Tiger enter strategic partnership.

We take immense pleasure in announcing that “The Aardvark Group” has entered a strategic partnership with “Amber Tiger” to develop and deliver training solutions for Aardvark’s portfolio of unmanned systems for land, sea, and air operations.


In a joint statement, Aardvark’s CEO, David St John-Claire and Amber Tiger’s CEO, Andy Furness said, “Our businesses complement each other and our respective teams have developed a deep mutual respect for each other over time, so it made perfect sense for us to work together, reinforcing our collective capabilities for delivering the highest quality of service required to meet the complex, kinetic environments in which our customers operate.”


The combined intent of this partnership is to deliver market-leading products and training around the globe, enhancing the ever-evolving world of unmanned and autonomous vehicles and systems.


Please join us in celebrating this positive collaboration.

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