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Proud Sponsors of the H-Hour Podcast

As we enter our 3rd year of sponsorship, we would like to share why The H-Hour Podcast caught our attention, gained our respect and retained our support, and why supporting the military and veteran community is deeply important to the Aardvark Group.


Hosted by former Sniper with the Parachute Regiment, Hugh Keir, The H-Hour podcast delivers important conversations to the military and veteran community and those who support it.


With guests ranging from inspirational veterans and friends, to sports personalities, tv presenters, and politicians, the podcast tackles subjects such as PTSD, Mental Health and suicide to taking a lighter course of the banter that members of the community find a familiar comfort, and regularly offering advice on transitioning from military to civilian life–both the employment transition and the mental adjustment–coming from the experiences of both guests and host.


Achieving success through adversity, valuable advice and insights, jaw dropping military stories, open minded debates, and outright military banter – no two episodes are the same and it is this variety that appeals to the listeners.


We are immensely proud to support the H-Hour Podcast and the positive message that Hugh continues to spread.


“The Aardvark Group is an organisation that I have admired since I discovered them several years ago. They are an organisation that conduct themselves in line with my own core values: dependable, reliable, loyal, and committed.  Aardvark operate in many of the conflict-ridden areas that I know and understand, improving the lives of people in those areas by making their post-war environments safer, deploying cutting edge technologies as part of market-leading detection and protection systems. As a testament to their intrinsic sense of responsibility to improving the world, they also now use their systems to protect natural resources and conservation zones. The H-Hour Podcast is very proud to be sponsored by The Aardvark Group.” – Hugh Keir, Host of H-Hour Podcast.


For those in the Explosive Ordnance community, notable guests include Andy Torbet and Adnan Sarwar, who both served in EOD units in the British Army and are now patrons of bomb disposal charity Felix Fund, Stu Hale who lost a leg in the infamous Day of Days in the Kajaki Dam and Tug Hartley  who was awarded the George Medal for his actions as medic that day. Steve McCulley survived 3 IED blasts in Afghanistan and the inspirational Micky Yule who gives a heart wrenching account of losing both legs to an IED.


At Aardvark, our vision is to see limbs and lives lost due to explosive ordnance–during active war and post-conflict–a thing of the past. We work closely with the military to plan, design and develop our technologies for mine detection and clearance and safe route-proving in areas of conflict.


Discover the H-Hour Podcast here


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