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Founded in 1982, Aardvark has established itself as a major player in its field, renowned for its exceptional technology and innovative propositions that have supported countless defence ministries, the humanitarian and NGO sectors and commercial operators in theatres of war and post conflict environments around the world.
Aardvark is foremost a humanitarian organisation, working to help rid the world of the explosive remnants of war. Our technologies are uniquely developed by operators, for operators which ensures that every product, system, or platform conforms to the essential criteria of stability, survivability, and reliability.
We know that to have a truly lasting positive impact, our technologies must be cost effective, so we have commissioned a number of projects with our research partners to develop technical innovations with a core aim of delivering affordable solutions that can be deployed directly into communities to reduce the incidence of accidents and deaths due to explosive threats.
Headquartered in the United Kingdom and with offices in the United States of America, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Aardvark Group develops technically innovative solutions which support a number of critical sectors. Our portfolio of solutions is extensive, with all elements fully interoperable and capable of being integrated into your existing operational platforms.

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KSA – UK Cooperation Plan Workshop

Aardvark Group were honoured to participate in the KSA – UK Cooperation Plan Workshop from 24th to 26th Jan 2023 under the auspices of the Industrial Cooperation Committee [ICC] which provided a powerful opportunity to focus on real Defence and Security opportunities in Kingdom, the strength of the rapidly developing Sovereign Defence Industry and better understand the requirements to meet the Kingdoms ambitious Defence Industry Localisation targets.

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2022 Round-up

We have enjoyed taking a look back over 2022, from community sponsorship to team celebrations to global product launches, it’s been a fantastically busy year.

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