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Landmine Free 2025 Sadly, despite the continuous work of Aardvark and other organisations around the globe, deaths and injuries from landmines are still happening daily. Although 164 nations have committed to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, many have not, and because of this Aardvark continues to strengthen its worldwide partnerships and strives to deliver upon …

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GEN2: A 2nd Generation fully autonomous Aardvark AMCS project commenced.


Aardvark enters Strategic “Design & Build” Partnership with Koluman Automotive Industries of Turkey. Aardvark enters strategic partnership with GEODE of Luxembourg to expand Humanitarian operations in Africa.


RANG-R: Aardvark commences Design & Development of class leading unmanned utility vehicle.


Aardvark R & D division formed. Aardvark UAV system range launched. Aardvark – Counter Drone System developed.


Chief Scientific Officer appointed Middle East Office established.


FORSight™: Aardvark enters joint venture with Polito Torino to develop the world’s first frequency modulated RADAR for stand-off detection of buried AP & AT mines.

2017 Under new management


New Management Team embark on a strategic overhaul of the company focussing on delivering technology driven solutions for the Counter-EO, Counter Terrorism, Civil Defence, Humanitarian and Conservation markets


UAV: development starts on a UAV to provide situational awareness for mine clearing operations.


Joint Services Flail Unit (JSFU) was renamed as the Aardvark Area Mine Clearance System (AMCS).

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