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Technical Innovations

in explosive and sub-surface
ordnance detection

Aardvark Technical Innovations

INSight is an advanced technology to detect Human Borne and Roadside improvised explosive devices (IED’s).

Identifying IED’s at up to 30m stand-off distance via Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD).

When radiated with RF energy all semi-conductors return a harmonic signature that when analysed can be compared against known types of non-linear devices ensuring high accuracy and low false positive results.

FORSight is an Innovative C-EO / C-IED sensor Technology based on Ultra-Wideband Ground Penetrating Radar for the detection of buried Explosive Ordnance.
Through the adaption of novel binary modulation techniques coupled with advanced return interrogation Aardvark has increased image recognition and image resolution without sacrificing ground penetration performance.
Deployable in vehicle demountable format and via Tethered Aerial Drone.

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