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Aardvark Rapid Deployment

Aardvark SecTec is a suite of cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions including:
  • Highly customisable camera platforms – Manufactured in the UK and featuring the latest electro-optical sensors both cooled and uncooled and ultra-long range (50 kms) thermal camera platforms.
  • Wireless safe cities and Digital walls – featuring covert and or discreet sensor technologies that can be rapidly deployed or permanently installed to provide real time live information on close perimeter and wide area border activity.
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and connected vehicles – featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) harmoniously integrated into wearable technology embedding the human operator as the virtual controller of Aardvark’s robotic platforms and Unmanned Systems (Air, Land and Sea) without direct contact to the threat environment.
In an increasingly connected world, our goal is to empower organisations, when they need it most and in the most challenging operational environments. With a philosophy built on delivering world-class solutions through better technology and a shared commitment to producing cutting-edge solutions, we continue to redefine the art of edge intelligence.
Developed by Aardvark and our global partner network we are leading the way for defence, security, fire & rescue, and counter-terrorism organisations across the world.

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