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The Most Flexible UAV
Platform on the Market

Aardvark VTOL

The Aardvark UAV is a multipurpose modular fixed–wing aircraft offering multi-role capabilities with a wide range of options and payloads to fit any mission and operational environment. The class leading design is complemented by cutting-edge bespoke technology.
  • Aardvark UAS is a combat–proven solution having been in operational service
    2016 effectively demonstrating its performance capabilities, anti–jamming
    features, and overall effectiveness in the most extreme of environments and
  • VTOL adaption without compromise to the flight time or payload.
  • VTOL system provides for a fully autonomous take-off and landing.
  • Mil-spec build quality and combat proven.
  • Maximum payload 10Kg
  • Flight time up to 15hrs.

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