Celox add-on pack


Celox pack containing Celox A Applicator, Celox Granules, Rapid Gauze Z fold.

  • Celox A Applicator – Celox-A™ is a unique haemostat applicator delivery system pre-packed with Celox granules and designed to get through a small entry wound, directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds. Simple to use, it is the fastest and most effective haemostat applicator available.
  • Celox Haemostatic Granules – Easy to use, significantly reduces blood loss and treats irregularly shaped wounds and multiple injuries.
  • Celox Haemostatic Rapid Gauze Z Fold (5ft) – The fastest acting haemostatic gauze, saving over two minutes treatment time compared to others.
    • Works with just 60 seconds of compression, or until bleeding stops.
    • Stops life-threatening bleeding – fast.
    • Rapid action reduces blood loss.
    • Stops hypothermic bleeding as found in severe traumatic injuries.

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Penetrating injuries such as blast or knife wounds are very difficult to treat and often lethal. It is vital to stop bleeding quickly.

  • Military
  • Tactical and Security Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Workplace and Remote First Aid


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